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Wide Brim Hats

Wide Brim Hats

Why Wide Brim Hats

Pharrell isn’t the only person who can sport a funky hat regularly. In fact, a good-looking wide-brimmed hat isn’t simply an edgy, celebrity-driven look. It’s downright in these days. While it certainly helps to have the following and large personality of someone famous, you don’t need to be an entertainer to strut your stuff in a new piece of headwear. Whether we’re talking straw sun hats, fedora hats, or even wide-brimmed golf hats, you can rest assured that the extra inch or so of material will make a world of difference.  

Wide-brimmed hats serve a practical purpose — keeping you safe from the sun and in your own little piece of shade — but they also offer a rare combination of fashion and function. Think of your best packable sun hat or your favorite Panama hat. Wide brims give any wearer an edge, a confidence boost, a simple reassurance. You walk out of your house in one of those options (or countless others), and you’re going to enjoy the day.

The secret to wide-brimmed hats, or just about any type of hat for that matter, is that you cannot let them wear you. When you head into your weekend looking for a little something extra to elevate your style, you need a piece that’s snappy, maybe even a little flashy, but that isn’t the center of attention. That’s you. Whether a floppy beach hat or a safari hat, when you step out and toward your next excursion, wear your wide-brimmed hat with confidence, with gusto. It’s the only way to go.

While you don’t want your hat to overwhelm your sartorial choices, you can allow it to help carve out your aesthetic for the day. Pull the brim down over your eyes for something a little moody and aloof. Turn loose the floppy straw brim into the wind for a casual, yet still collected sense of ease, as if you legitimately woke up like this. Tie everything else you’ve got on for the evening together with the right addition. Maybe the ribbon around your wide-brimmed crown or the felt that looks just worn enough will set the stage for wherever you’re off to now.

Whatever your reason behind buying a wide-brimmed hat, look no further than our wide selection. At Tenth Street, we pride ourselves on offering hats for any occasion, in many styles, and in wide brims made for your momentous occasion. We’ve spent time sourcing quality craftsman and precisely hewed materials for you and your wardrobe. So take a look, peruse the aisles and allow us to help you turn your fashion ideals into reality.

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