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Crushable Hats

Crushable Hats

Why Crushable Hats

We get it, you’re on the go. You’re a weekend warrior, a constant traveler, someone for whom constant motion is necessary. There’s a whole world out there for you, and it’s not going to explore itself. It seems with every passing moment a new article about the best places to visit now comes out, and either your list gets longer or you cringe a little knowing your secret beach isn’t so secret anymore. While your travel experience has surely rendered you an expert packer, we know there’s always some hesitation about what you should or shouldn’t have brought. With your new crushable hat, those questions won’t bother you quite so much.

No matter the style, no matter the occasion, a crushable hat will keep you focused on your life goals instead of your suitcase arrangement. Whether a long weekend away or your European backpacking quarter-life crisis saga, the last thing you need is to pull out your favorite hat only to find it’s bent out of shape or wrinkled past repair. Which is why crushable hats for traveling are the utterly packable companion for your trip.

Stressing over what you can bring with you on your global travels is never exciting. With a crushable sun hat, your bag is a veritable Mary Poppins-like purse of possibility. Simply crush it down, nestle it into that corner compartment and voila! Instant sartorial upgrade without the heavy luggage tag headache.

Now, your travels might not take you to the beach or to warmer climes, but fear not: crushable hats, especially foldable straw hats, come in all shapes and sizes. Maybe you’re someone with a knack for more temperate weather. Maybe you’re off on that dreaded business trip. In either case, the way to turn that jet lag into just the thing you needed is your crushable hat for traveling.

Hats might seem like a bygone accessory that make small resurgences here and there. The truth is, they never left us. Even if we stopped wearing them out the door every day on our way to work, we still had a special place for our favorite fedora or ballcap in our outfit choices. Crossing international oceans, mountain ranges, or even entire continents should be no different of a style experience for you. Experiencing different cultures of the world is the best way to understand others, to check that item off your bucket list, to enrich yourself.

When you step off that plane (or boat or train), don’t leave how you look up to chance. Zip your bag up and smile knowing your crushable Panama hat or crushable sun hat is there waiting for your arrival.

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