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Womens Straw Hats

Womens Straw Hats

Why Womens Straw Hats

If you’re looking for a straw hat for women it’s because you’re adaptable, quick to adjust, and you need something equally as flexible and accommodating to add to your wardrobe. You’ve come to the right place. We have Panama hats in women’s designs, wide-brimmed beach hats for sun protection, and any other style in between.

Particularly well suited for the summer, straw hats of any make can brighten your day and keep the feeling of freedom flowing. Whether a floppy wide-brimmed hat, a beach hat, or a simple ladies straw hat, the intricate patterns and lightweight composition make straw the ideal material for your July heaters.

While straw hats range in size and shape, a popular form is that of wide-brimmed hats. Floppy hats have adapted to today’s modern wearer, blending seamlessly in with a summer dress. Today’s modern woman appreciates an effortlessly balanced wardrobe, and the hat she chooses is no exception. Despite the ancient history of the straw hat, you can rest assured that whatever design you decide upon will offer a truly modern take on a historical classic.

The thing is, straw hats have been around for eons, since the middle ages, even. In maybe an even more intriguing twist, the hat styles haven’t changed a whole lot between then and now. Certainly, when you put your new straw beach hat on your head you aren’t harkening back to the 1300s, but each intertwined piece of straw tells a story, much like the history of straw hats.

Over the years they’ve evolved depending on the climate in which they were made and the plant material available to hatmakers. Today, we see an assortment of different types of straw used to make these summer hats: toquilla palm for Panama hats; shantung, raffia, and toyo for today’s dashing fedora styles. Each straw hat has its own history, its own legend woven into its shape and feel.

Though the hat racks are numerous and the aisles endless, your visit to our hat store won’t be complete without a trip to the straw hats. Made from the Earth and born of necessity, straw hats are a nod to the vast, stretching history that binds all of us together. Try on a new straw hat today, and appreciate the weightlessness of it, the comfortable feel. Though you’re someone born of this age, you’re carrying history along with you. Don’t be surprised if the straw of your palm leaf hat turns some heads today.

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