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Safari Hats

Safari Hats

Why Safari Hats

You don’t have to be out on a literal safari or at an Indiana Jones fan convention to enjoy a stylish safari hat. The wide-brimmed hat style has undergone a slow transformation from the hard-shelled pith helmets of British colonial military regiments. With an indentation on the crown and a more malleable body than its predecessor, today’s safari hat style is less rigorous army wear and more a comfortable fashion statement.

Safari hats as we know them today are made of a variety of different materials. Felt safari hats, leather safari hats, straw, canvas, mesh, you name it. The style has evolved in some ways. It’s now a more versatile hat shape than it once was. But in other ways, the safari hat has remained much the same. Though its modern appearance is more fashion-forward, it is still a very utilitarian style, if you need it to be.

With its wide brim and increasingly softening crown design, the safari hat makes for an excellent piece of sun protection that can double as a clean complement to a more casual wardrobe even when you’re not lounging at the beach. The variety of options in which the safari hat is now available means you don’t need to be on an African safari to truly enjoy its benefits. With the right color, shape, and material, your safari hat can add to semi-casual weekend wear or even make the right leather jacket pop.

As music festivals and their outdoor celebration ilk increase in popularity, the sartorial choices safari hats offer are increasingly in play. Mix and match with other neutral, earthy tones for an ideal desert getaway look. Add the right color safari hat to your streetwear getup and parade down main street like you own the place. This spring and summer season the safari hat is your cant-leave-home-without companion, and for good reason.

If you’re an outdoorsperson, and you need a bit of sun protection from the elements, look no further than a canvas or mesh safari hat that’s stylish enough to not ruin your selfies from the trail but useful enough to keep you safe from the rays. Safari hats today come in all shapes and sizes, and the ultra-flexible editions that exist today are ideal for the more rugged of us.

Don’t let the safari hat’s name scare you. This isn’t just a style for mountaineers and hikers, though it certainly can be. No, the safari hat can’t be put in a corner, which is part of its appeal. This style can address any outfit’s shortcomings and create something out of nothing in a hurry. Go on, look for your next wide-brimmed adventuring companion today. You’ll be glad you did.

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