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Biltmore Hats

Biltmore Hats

Why Biltmore Hats

For one hundred years, Biltmore Hats has remained the pinnacle of quality, no matter the hat style. From its beginnings in Niagara Falls as the Fried Hat Company to its home in Guelph, Ontario; Biltmore has offered unmistakable craftsmanship to its customers and clients. Named after New York’s Biltmore Hotel, the company’s owners attempted to live up to the standard of luxury and style the hotel represented.

Biltmore covered its hats in felt made from rabbit pelt. The process of turning fur into felt was repeated many times for each hat in order the achieve the best possible quality felt. Those painstakingly constructed felt hats allowed Biltmore to survive, relatively unscathed, through The Great Depression and WWII.

The name Biltmore hats has appeared in movies; its story lies, immemorial, in the city’s Civic Museum. Biltmore even became the sponsor of a junior hockey team. Canadian policemen have donned wide-brimmed Biltmore hats as part of their everyday uniform. The original company experienced a mid-century roller coaster ride, but the name has transcended owners and mergers.

2017 marks a century of unique, careful hatmaking tradition. Utilizing only the finest materials, the collection features vibrant colors, lush textures and exquisite details. The signature burgundy fabric is Biltmore’s official color and an homage to the company’s rich and exciting history. Despite a difficult turn of the millennia, Biltmore exists again today as a beacon of style and quality.

Biltmore has stood the test of time. It has created and carried on a legacy by handcrafting some of the most beautiful and functional hats ever made. The perfect balance and fine feel of Biltmore hats are a result of master hatmakers applying decades of passion, expertise, and artistry to their work.

High standards of production and masterful crafting from a long succession of diverse workers have allowed Biltmore to continue production of its hat styles that set the standard. With perfect silhouettes and elegant details, Biltmore has been the choice of dignitaries and celebrities alike.

Biltmore fedoras began as a tradition among some of the most practiced and patient craftsman. It continues to be more than just a hat shop — Biltmore, and its still-perfect blend of shape, color and elegance is a benchmark for which other hatmakers strive.

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