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Fedora Hats

Fedora Hats

Why Fedora Hats

You’re someone of discerning taste and knowledge of history. You know that as recently as 100 years ago, no one would step outside without a hat. One of the most popular hats of the 20th century was the fedora hat. While its initial use was that of a more casual counterpart to rigid styles, like top hats, today, the fedora hat is seen as a style that can bring a touch of formality to an outfit.

Fedoras hats are known for a number of different aesthetic qualities. Their soft brims can often be snapped up or down, depending on the wearer’s preference. The crown of the hat is typically pinched at the sides and in the front, creating the unique look we have grown accustomed to when browsing for new wardrobe additions. The fedora hat style is usually made of felt from an animal, but the cap style make also includes straw, cotton, linen, or leather. Some varieties are also adorned with ribbon around the base of the crown.

The term fedora first appeared around the 1880s, after a play by the name of “Fedora” debuted. In the play the protagonist, Princess Fédora Romazov wore a soft-brimmed hat with a creased crown. Shortly after the play, the women’s rights movement adopted the hat as a symbol. Later, the fedora hat style grew in popularity as a type of men’s hat, for its combination of stylishness and ability to protect against inclement weather.

Since the turn of the century, fedora hats, though now a popular men’s hat style, have wound their way throughout history. The height of the hat’s popularity coincided with prohibition in the U.S. and consequently became associated with bootleggers and gangsters. Later, the fedora would find its way onto the heads of NFL coaches and pop culture figures like Indiana Jones. Even in more contemporary fashion, the fedora hat turned into the crux of a look for hipsters attempting to build unique styles around vintage options.

Today, you are likely familiar with the hat style, perhaps through noted brands as Stetson fedoras. The modern iteration of the iconic hat allows for more customization than ever before. Now, it’s possible to entertain the idea of a foldable, crushable fedora or one that allows the wearer to shape their own crown. Still others come with a decorative feather in the ribbon or other types of embellishments.

No matter your reason for purchasing a fedora hat, you’ve arrived at the right location. Let us know what style and make you’re looking for or perhaps the occasion or outfit you’d like to accessorize, and we can help you find the ideal choice. One of the most well-known hat styles comes in a number of options, and we’d like to ensure you find a suitable option today.

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