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Mens Spring Hats

Mens Spring Hats

Why Mens Spring Hats

Spring has sprung, and with a gentle spirit, the sun’s welcome invitation urges you to slip into something more comfortable and head outdoors. Flowers are blooming, birds are singing, and there is a kiss of coolness that heightens the rays of the sun. The sun begins to beat down, but lacks intensity of the warm summer months. Some days offer slippery showers and warm winds, keeping you on your toes. Weather changes with the day, but no matter what elements are thrown your way, it’s important to have proper protection in the form of a stylish spring hat.

This is why we’re excited to offer you a variety of spring hats. Blending style, sophistication, and the sun protection necessary to promote a long, healthy life, our selection of spring hats is unbeatable. No matter your style preference, whether it’s a fedora, safari, pork pie, or a boater we have them all.

While spring hats are often designed to protect from the sun’s rays,they don’t always need to be sun hats. Spring hats are often made of straw and are adequate for an afternoon in the sun, like relaxing by the pool pool or on the golf course. However, they can also be amenable for dresswear, like to an Easter brunch or the Kentucky Derby. They can leave you feeling nostalgic for an earlier era while remaining in modern times. They are usually lightweight but intricately built, designed to keep you both looking and feeling cool, ensuring your wardrobe will never be overburdened by the classic piece of millinery on your head.

Just the thought of a spring hat evokes images of smiles and laughter. Of someone coyly holding a hat on their head to keep it from blowing away in the afternoon breeze, wearing cheerful pastels to celebrate a fresh beginning. Searching for Easter eggs, taking strolls in the park, days becoming longer, an ice cream dripping down your cone. Allow yourself to celebrate in lockstep with these visions, yourself clad in your own version of a spring hat.

Anything from an outback sun hat to a wide-brimmed fedora will turn this year’s spring into a lasting memory. We so often take for granted the awakening of a new season, re-birth of life around us, and the gentle touch of a warm breeze on a 70-degree day. Don’t allow your own moments to pass you by without a second thought this time around. Find yourself a spring hat this year, and make your own joyful memories.

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