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Mens Boater Hats

Mens Boater Hats

Why Mens Boater Hats

Though straw boater hats for men eked their way into popular culture somewhat, the corner they occupied there was small and mostly full of people who are today unknown. It’s become more of an accent piece for spring and summer gatherings on sunny days. The Kentucky Derby is sure to attract plenty of these men’s style hats amid its fashion show-esque atmosphere.

The beauty of the men’s boater hat is that, despite its origins and history among somewhat bizarre and mostly niche quarters, it has become an easy way to add a touch of flare to a modern outfit. Simple, potentially colorful—depending on the ribbon colors you prefer—the boater hat can make an appearance at a music festival or a small get together with friends. It may even add a bit of nostalgia to an Easter Sunday brunch or churchgoing event.

No matter your plans for the warmer days of the year, don’t look beyond what the boater hat for men offers when it comes to sun protection in style. The almost-official hat of spring a summer, your boater will ensure that the Memorial Day-to-Labor Day stretch of the calendar lives up to your wildest hopes and dreams.

When you think of boater hats, you might think of gondola rides in Venice canals. Of gondoliers in striped shirts pushing their way under low bridges and between buildings. Those gondoliers of course, typically wear straw flat-crowned hats with bows around the base of the crown. The boater hat style is a summer thing, a nice hat for sun protection. The boater hat style originated as a somewhat formal type of wear, but it has since transcended that boundary to become more of a sunny day affair, no matter the occasion.

You may think of boater hats when thinking of certain performances, like those from a barbershop quartet. The style has accompanied musical and theatrical uniforms on occasion In years past, the boater hat style became synonymous with the changing of weather. As winter turned to spring, unofficial boater hat days would arise to mark the time of year when individuals could switch from their felt and wool hats to straw and lighter materials of summer. Presumably, there was an increase in boater hats for sale around this time of year.

This year, when the winter months fade away and the flowers start blooming between birdsong, reach for your trusted large boater hat and revel in the joy of being outside among friends under the glowing sun. You don’t need to be lounging in Venice canals or the bed of a catamaran to feel the style seeping in.

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