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Mens Kentucky Derby Hats

Mens Kentucky Derby Hats

Mens Kentucky Derby Hats

Mens Kentucky Derby Hats
22 results
Mens Kentucky Derby Hats
22 results

Scala Straw Boater- Gondola
4.8 (22)
Scala Panama Gambler- Orleans
SKU: #P125-NAT1
4.9 (11)
Stacy Adams Straw Fedora- Bennett
Stacy Adams
SKU: #SA678-LAV3
5.0 (24)
Scala Panama Fedora- Highlands
4.8 (32)
Scala Panama Fedora- Napa
SKU: #P179-NAT2
5.0 (13)
Scala Panama Fedora- Hot Springs
4.9 (10)
Scala Panama Outback- Colt
SKU: #P227-NAT2
5.0 (10)
Stacy Adams Straw Fedora- Belmont
Stacy Adams
SKU: #SA635-WHT2
4.5 (7)

Why Mens Kentucky Derby Hats

Have you ever found yourself staring at the TV, watching in awe as hats of all shapes and sizes parade across the Kentucky Derby infield? Have you ever searched for the winning Kentucky Derby horses, only to find yourself instead flipping through slideshows of the fascinating grandstand fashion? If you are nodding your head yes in excited agreement, then it’s likely you’ve pictured yourself in a bowler hat or a fascinator, perhaps a fedora or a wide-brimmed sun hat.

If you’re looking to fulfill your own sartorial destiny this May — or any other month, for that matter — look no further. Tenth Street Hats® is the official licensed hat maker of the Kentucky Derby and is the best resource for hat information and purchasing on the internet. Here at Tenth Street, we have one of the largest assortments of high-quality hats for any occasion, including, but not limited to, The Kentucky Derby.

Whether you’re going to the race or you’re simply a fan of Kentucky Derby hats, we have a selection that is, for even the most discerning fashionistas, an exemplar of style. Founded in 1875, the Derby is the longest continually running sporting event in the United States. Since the race’s inception, hats have been a hallmark of the event. Today, the Derby allows hat lovers to reminisce about the days when millinery was the toast of the fashion world, while still enjoying more modern delights.

“The greatest two minutes in sports” is as much about the horses, the spectacle, the betting and socializing as it is about Kentucky Derby hats and dresses, wardrobe selections from near and far, English bowler hats mixing with American-made Stetsons.

Since its opening race that saw millions grace the grandstand and the jockey club grounds, the Derby has run continuously, come rain, shine, or World War, to this day. The Derby is run each year at Churchill Downs, the legendary racetrack a few miles south of Louisville, Kentucky. Derby goers enjoy mint juleps and all sorts of barbecued meat along with their horse racing and glamor shots, staples of the American tradition.

Just like there isn’t an official menu for the event, there isn’t an official style guide either. The website suggests accessories, such as Kentucky Derby fascinators or other elegant hats along with bright, pastel-colored attire.

The Kentucky Derby hat is not just an accessory, however. The Derby tradition has historical significance. It is believed that inspiration for the race has something to do with the European experience of the jockey club’s founder. Racegoers in Europe were often required to wear their finest, outfits that officially required the presence of hats for women. That necessity has since blossomed into desire, as women and men alike now design entire wardrobes around outlandish hats.

We hope you find your way to a Kentucky Derby this year or in the future, and we want to make your experience memorable. So grab a julep, pull up a chair, and stay awhile as you browse the finest the hat world has to offer.

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