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Mens Easter Hats

Mens Easter Hats

Why Mens Easter Hats

Perhaps the question you might ask yourself instead is, “why wouldn’t I want an Easter hat?” Though that question is rhetorical, you’ll find there are plenty of reasons to don a new accessory, whether it’s a dressy church hat or a more traditional Easter bonnet. It is thought that the original meaning behind the wearing of Easter bonnets is to add a new or fancy Easter Sunday hat in celebration of a new beginning.

Historically, Easter represents literal resurrection. Over the years the meaning of the holiday has evolved and shaped itself around more modern traditions. The Easter hat — typically a bonnet or an elegant church hat — has itself evolved along with the holiday. The Easter parade in New York City and subsequent short song about it cemented the place of the Easter bonnet in modern lore. Even through the Great Depression a new or lightly worn hat could serve as a simple token of elegance in a difficult time. Today, the original bonnet is a bit more difficult to find, but we have some Easter hat ideas that might delight any sort of hat wearer today.

If you’re looking for a hat to wear to the moveable feast welcoming us to spring, chances are you, like Easter itself, are adaptable, versatile. Easter does not fall on the same date each year. Instead, it is subject to the whims of the lunisolar calendar, dancing in and out between days determined each year by the moon and the stars. In like fashion, you feel as at home in a fascinator as you do in a wide-brimmed hat. You move between conversation effortlessly whether in a pastel color or simple, natural straw hue.

But we are not just purveyors of women’s Easter hats. For the discerning man of Sunday, fedoras, pork pies, and boater hats offer just a sample of what is possible when you embrace the warm rays of spring and the turn of the celestial calendar.

Easter is a day of renewal, of rebirth and new beginnings. To celebrate, you’ll surely want something new to show those around you. You’ll want a new dress hat, maybe a touch of felt to add to your already immaculate ensemble. Most importantly, however, your next Easter hat is about you. Take some time to think about what moves you forward each new year, what breathes new life into you as the calendar turns toward sunshine and flowers. Think about what might just add that extra hop to your step and don’t leave today without your new Easter hat.

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