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Mens Designer Hats

Mens Designer Hats

Why Mens Designer Hats

Hats have been around as long as anyone can remember. Men especially took the first opportunity they could to signify classes and religions. Hats served as markers of personage and condemnation alike, allowing us to easily classify the wearer’s intentions. Today, however, hats are here less to make guys stand out in a predetermined way and more to allow them to add a personal touch to their wardrobes, highlighting individuality and eye-popping styles.

If you’re into letting loose, and we mean really having a good time, consider picking up a Kentucky Derby hat and sipping a julep the next time you have an opportunity. Nothing says sophisticated yet devilishly handsome and stylish in taste like a put-together fedora hat, homburg or pork pie. Of course, there are always flat cap hats and straw wide brim hats, like boater hats to mix things up a little. Maybe even something crushable so you can travel lightly and flexibly.

And of course, there would be no special Sunday event — church, Easter, a wedding, perhaps — complete without a piece of headwear that really makes you appear dashing beyond belief. Because felt or straw, wool or knit, your weekend best just isn’t quite your best without a hat to bring out the best in you. For those weekend excursions look no further than a finely woven raffia item.

Not dressing to the nines but looking to go ninety knots this weekend? Try your luck with something a little nautical, like a boater hat for men, captain’s hat, men’s fisherman’s hat, or something sleek and stylish. If the water isn’t your thing, a pork pie or bowler hat can really liven up your session on the porch rocking chair or game of croquet out on the back lawn with friends.

Maybe you’re heading to a social event, something casual in the backyard. A men’s flat cap, like a newsboy hat or an ivy hat for men will do the trick. The classic, simple look and feel is the ideal middle ground between formal and sleeves-rolled-up casual, and there are enough different types that you can still make your favorite outfit pop. Speaking of popping, have you thought about what you’ll wear to your next summer excursion? Beach hats for men, men’s sun hats, summer hats, you name it — there are plenty of options for every sort of occasion where frolicking in the sun is on the agenda.

Whatever your occasion or persuasion, let Tenth Street be your designer hat destination.

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