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Womens Fisherman Hats

Womens Fisherman Hats

Why Womens Fisherman Hats

Occasionally, you encounter a piece of clothing or hat so exquisite it can convey you to a distant land, a faraway place. It can make you daydream of vaulted streets along cliffs above the ocean and waterfront walkways lined with cobblestones. Women’s fisherman’s caps are just that.

The Greek Fisherman’s cap was first introduced in the late 19th century in Athens, Greece. The design was then, as it is now, a simple hat with a firm, mostly flat brim coupled with comfortable fabric. Though variations on the style go their separate ways today, traditionally the visor met the body of the hat at a braided cord.

The wistful visions they invoke are not simply artifacts of the mind; they are some of most sought after women’s hats in the western hemisphere. And they are not suited only for ocean voyages — their intricate designs bring a quiet confidence to any outfit whether on land or at sea.

This style of hat, sometimes known as a mariner’s cap, can be told apart from its cousins — sailor hats and more military-style caps — by the relatively unstructured shape of its body.

The women’s hat you’re likely considering purchasing as we speak is versatile and friendly to nearly any situation. It has been worn by workers, even called a mechanic’s cap at one point, sailors and celebrities alike. Of course, you might be looking for just an everyday piece of apparel, but the women’s Greek fisherman’s hat is still the ideal item for you.

What are now vintage Greek fisherman caps for women have long represented the sailing world since the turn of the 20th century. Their instantly recognizable silhouette is the feature of sailors and of the everyday man and woman all around the world to this day. While their origins symbolize the sailing world, fashionable consumers today recognize the subtle brilliance these pieces can bring even to a more modern wardrobe. They even come as a large size hat, for the heartiest of fishermen among us.

It was said that John Lennon wore this style cap when the Beatles and other European rock ‘n’ roll acts first cross the Atlantic and made their way into American popular culture. Other notable world leaders throughout the early 20th century also donned their own versions of the fisherman’s cap, adding to the style’s legend.

Dress up, dress down, lounge or find something a little more formal to do with your evening. No matter, the fisherman’s hat for women will be there, ready and waiting, for any adventure.

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