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Womens Sailor Hats

Womens Sailor Hats

Why Womens Sailor Hats

The women’s sailor hat design you’ve brought out with you this evening has a rich history. Originally wide-brimmed straw item worn by 19th-century sailors, the sailor hat for women you won’t don’t hear as much about now resembles more of a modern boater hat than it did your current women’s sailor cap. The initial design was to offer lightweight protection from the sun and elements, and the hat was an important part of the British naval uniform until the 1920s.

If you’re interested in an ocean adventure then the more flexible, sultry form of hat for women is likely what you’re looking for. Made from fabrics like cool cottons and breathable wools and others in between, women’s vintage sailor hats make the vast sea feel more welcoming and the wide open sky bluer than ever. And, as your luck would have it, you don’t need the promise of an afternoon under the sails to enjoy the everyday style a sailor hat provides.

Chances are, you find yourself either with or looking for one of these items because you know all about vintage women’s sailor hats. Even the brimmed, accommodating accessory you recognize has evolved from decade to decade on its long and winding way across history. Some of the first designs showed ribbons streaming from the back of the hat. In navies around the world, the rigid, brimmed white navy sailor hat we so often see today became a standard issue uniform piece. For civilians, the sailor cap moved in another direction.

Millinery in particular is a fashion that finds itself intertwining the utility of the past with new shapes, designs and feels of the present. In sailor hats, you have not just a token from world travelers of bygone eras, but you also have bit of vintage sheen you can apply to your outfit with ease. That’s the true beauty of something so ageless as a sailor cap. It will infuse your ensemble with history and regalness without taking away from the tried and true fashionable you.

From Beyoncé to Kendall Jenner and more recently the runways of Paris, sailor hats are not just back. They’re in, and they’re here to stay and make a statement. Pull on your wardrobe, and don’t forget to add a little Euro chic to the equation. Your sailor hat is sleek, simple, and sure to stun, whether waltzing past that velvet rope or enjoying an afternoon in the sun.

These famous faces donning your accessory of choice is just another validation of your unique sartorial senses. If the queen of pop and the fashion capital of the world are adrift in the loungy, lovingly charming sailor hat, rest assured you can allow yourself an adventure in one, too. But don’t let others dictate your outfit’s direction. You’re here because you know precisely how to light up a room and light up your evening jacket. The sailor hat is here, and it’s waiting for you.

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