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Mens Pub Cap Hats

Mens Pub Cap Hats

Why Mens Pub Cap Hats

You want a unique style that maintains a classic feel. Something versatile that will never be overboard. That makes sense. You’re the type of person who isn’t quite reserved, but neither are you totally gregarious. You’re right in between, balanced. And that’s a good thing. Pub caps fit that bill (no pun intended) precisely. Another flat cap style, pub cap hats differ slightly from newsboy caps.

Though made from the same types of materials — wool, cotton, cotton, leather — the body of pub cap hats often meets and is connected to a hard brim. This brim helps provide shelter from the sun or other elements and helps keep the structure of the hat streamlined and tapered toward the wearer’s face. Pub caps also have the appearance of a singular piece of fabric and are less full than newsboy caps. Many are lined with something like silk or satin to help insulate the wearer during colder weather.

Ebbing in and out of style during its journey, the pub cap hat finally found its place in the United States during prohibition era, which is where it took its name, but took off among taxi drivers and eventually Ivy League college attendees. They’ve evolved as the years have worn on, acting as an intermediary between uber-casual baseball hats and more formal fedora style hats.

Though pub cap hats dwindled slightly in popularity toward the end of the century, its re-adoption by athletes, actors, and avid socialites alike brought the knitted (or leather) headwear back into stardom. Today, they’re perfect for your everyday attire. Dress it up, for a winter wedding or spring church service. An accessory perhaps to your Friday casual work outfit or your backyard barbecue t-shirt and jeans. It’s vintage without being outdated and fashionable without being overly dapper.

Even some of the most well known hatmakers like Stetson make pub caps, plying their trade with some of the most oft-mimicked patterns and builds out there today. Even the pub cap golf hats you see in 80s comedies are caricatures of real life: the links are still the perfect place to pull your pub cap brim down low over your eyes as you read the break and line up your shot in the afternoon sun.

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