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Mens Church Hats 

Mens Church Hats 

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Why Mens Church Hats

Thanks to advancements in hat making and the evolution of fabrics and materials, our choices for church hats for men are as expansive as they have ever been. Fedoras and flat caps and boaters. Straw, felt, or wool. We’re never too far from the perfect addition to the rest of our outfit, or mood. Spin the veritable color wheel for your option of hue and shade. Take a walk down a proverbial aisle of fabrics and select the ultimate feel and pattern for your ideal Sunday sartorial selection.

Church and hats for men feel synonymous with one another, even in an age where it’s not always a fact that you will walk out the front door with headwear. The idea of special hats for church has been around for quite some time. It was the only day of the week when you could cast aside the drab, grey work clothes of the long week and add a little personalized excitement to your wardrobe.

Though church dress habits have changed — it’s no longer a requirement to wear your Sunday nines — many still choose to include a matching hat with their suit. Dressy men’s church hats certainly make the outfit and the occasion whenever service goers decide to infuse their ensemble with a little extra sparkle.

Today, men’s church hats are less popular than they were at their height, but they are still a lovely piece of tradition that many still don on each weekend. We see similarly styled hats as Easter hats for men and even hats for weddings. Often brightly colored with lace or flowers or both, church hats exude grace and style, confidence and respectfulness.

They call it your Sunday best for a reason, so it’s best to not leave your Sunday up to chance. Find your way to the nearest selection of classic blues and greys, or squeeze out of your comfort zone into some pastels and big-brimmed items. It’s never too late to turn your next Sunday into a one of the most special, memorable weekends with a dress hat just brimming with excitement.

Though Sunday church is a time for reflection and reverence, you can still add a little pop to your wardrobe so that you really feel the energy in the building, the atmosphere that makes it so special.

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