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Mens Captain Hats

Mens Captain Hats

Why Mens Captain Hats

The sun glances off the water, shining across the boat. You pull your hat brim down a bit lower over your eyes to keep the away and press on. Small waves lap against the side of the boat, a singing a soothing sound. Wind catches the sail and urges you forward, pulling gently as you glide toward the horizon. Whether the hat you’ve pulled down is adorned with golden piping or anchor-filled emblem matters not. You’re the captain, and it’s your captain’s hat, ideal for your sail into the sunset.

When you go in search of your next accessory, your next piece to accentuate your style, search for something that’s helped others search and roam far and wide. Look for a captains hat, made in the foamy whitecaps of the sea, molded against the backdrop of the shimmering horizon. With your new captain hat, the world is your oyster, and your anchor is surely away.

Though the captain’s hat you wear is not quite as rigid, and perhaps not as decorative, as the peaked caps of military lore, it still makes for a useful — and stylish — piece of headwear. The sharper, more striking form that still graces the heads of naval officers has its origins in Europe, around the turn of the 19th century. The captain hat or sailor hat was adopted by working class and sailors and now exists in perhaps its most casual form as a vintage sailor hat wardrobe piece or yacht captain’s hat.

We see the boat captain hat for men out on the seas, but the accessory in its modern form is a bit more accessible. The style is a nod to an earlier era. It allows us to reminisce about a time we never experienced as though we were there. It’s this wistfulness that gives the captain hat its allure. It’s as if we can’t help ourselves but wonder where the person wearing the hat just came from, what adventures they have been enjoying.

A captain hat brings an unmistakable charm with it anywhere the wearer goes. It livens up the room; it invites the sun’s warmth to grace those who accompany it. The captain hat signifies a casual ease, a complete comfort with your surroundings. It is the feeling that you’re always sure of what to do next.

That type of confidence is a result of the hat’s genesis. Worn by leaders and workers alike, the captain’s hat was born from a desire not only to do good but to do good in the name of others. It’s that sense of chivalry and pride that will encourage any wearer to boldly stride wherever they go.

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