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Why Floppy Hats

When the mood strikes, it’s almost impossible to ignore it. A sort of creeping tingly feeling emerges, gliding pleasantly along your spine, making you shiver with anticipation. It’s 3pm on a Friday and there’s no more work to be done. Maybe it’s the pang of excitement that hits when you realize it’s time to check into tomorrow’s flight. You’re going somewhere, you’re getting away. Your out of office message is up and it’s time to kick up your feet and relax. It’s time to jet, but aren’t you forgetting something? That’s right, your beautiful new floppy sun hat, perfect for the beach and the getaway that awaits.

That oversized floppy hat, that overzealous accessory that’s been hanging by the door for so long, waiting for just an occasion is ready for you, and it’s ready to go. Like you right now it’s boundless, eager and ready to take on whatever comes next with a unbridled gusto. The wide brim floppy hat you have with you is more than just an extra to your outfit. It’s a statement piece. That big floppy sun hat is everything right now just like that big, featured vacation is everything you see on the horizon.

Even if the beach is not what awaits you. Even if it’s a stroll through ancient castle grounds or a meandering walk in a new city, that floppy-brimmed hat couldn’t feel more at home. Likely woven out of straw and easily crushable and packable, your floppy brim hat is the epitome of flexible. It’s good for a summer fling or for your long-term vacation plans. It fits in your carry on and won’t get destroyed if you have to stow it until you land. If you’re driving down coastal highways instead of flying, your beautiful big brimmed hat will keep your hair out of your eyes as you watch the scenery wind by.

The right hat has a way of making everything seem new and exciting. It will push your outfit over the edge (in the right way) and will make everyone around you remember why they gathered in the first place. When we travel we make ourselves vulnerable, exposing ourselves to the new and unknown. But we emerge from the return trip stronger, more fervent than ever, ready and yearning for the next escapade. Your big floppy brimmed hat, as silly as it may seem, can be your security blanket, your reminder of something familiar wherever you go.

Don’t let your fear of the unknown stop you from going where you want to go. Spread your wings, set your sights on somewhere new and take flight. The world is your oyster, and your hat, believe it or not, can be your guide.

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