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Womens Official Dorfman Pacific® Hats Store

Womens Official Dorfman Pacific® Hats Store

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Why Womens Dorfman Pacific Hats

When classic meets practical, you find a Dorfman Pacific hat. Founded in 1921, as Dorfman Hat & Cap Company, our parent company wanted to start a business in which we offered retailers quality headwear products, backed by a commitment to strong service. We are one of the oldest and largest hat distributors in America to date, and our adherence to our original philosophy is the reason so.

While we distribute and manufacture a variety of brands, DPC is our own, and it is designed for the nature-lover. It is not just about hats; it is a lifestyle brand wrought from the human’s natural need to be outdoors. Whether a shopper is looking for a fedora, a safari hat, an outback, or a soaker, we supply every style a customer could desire, with the materials necessary to maximize their comfort and safety. While Dorfman Pacific hats are made to get dirty, stained, and to experience life with, these hats are still crafted with a designer’s eye. There is no reason that you cannot enjoy the great outdoors and look good while doing so. The Dorfman Pacific brand offers hats that have a vintage feel, while maintaining a modern and practical silhouette.

These hats are made with carefully selected straws and cottons in a distinctive style. The materials featured, like the COOLMAX® Sweatband, mesh sidewall, chin cord, and UPF50+ sun protection rating, are designed for the customer. Their comfort and safety from the sun is the top priority for this brand. In this collection of hat styles, thoughtful craftsmanship and machine-like consistency is evident in each and every item.

The beauty of a Dorfman Pacific hat is that it will last you forever. Constructed with garment wash cotton, these hats are meant to get dirty. But after a quick hand-wash, they will be brand spankin’ new all over again. Perfect for the adventurer, the crushable feature on many of these hats, allows our customer to pack these caps in their backpack when not in use. However, when the sun comes out and brims need to come on, these hats will bounce back to their original shape, no matter how crammed your bag is. Perfect for someone who enjoys basquing in all of nature’s elements, bring these hats on your next hiking trip, a weekend spent camping with your family, or completing your daily yardwork or gardening project. These hats will keep the shade off of your face, sun out of your eyes, and skin protected all day long.

Whether you crave a new style or an upgrade to your own, these hats offer not only sun protection, but freedom to enter the great outdoors without a worry in the world. Do your face, your skin, and your wallet a favor by finding yourself one of these hats. You will thank yourself now, you will thank yourself the next time you go outside, and you will thank yourself in the years to come.

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