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Travel Hats

Travel Hats

Why Travel Hats

Close your eyes. Take a deep breath and imagine where you’d like to travel next. It may be a tropical island getaway, waves lapping against the sand, clear skies overhead and nothing but warm days and warm nights for miles on end. Maybe it’s a European adventure, backpacking along train routes through ancient forests or historic valleys. No matter your choice of adventure destination, you’d be forgetting something if you left without your favorite travel hat.

It’s likely your stowaway companion is a packable straw hat or a sun hat. Your travel hat doesn’t have to fit under the seat in front of you though. You may want something a little more grandiose like a flashy fedora hat with feather or a wide-brimmed item for your countryside getaways. If that’s the case, fear not, as your travel hat can also be your en route hat, accompanying you on the journey before the journey. You’ll be the talk of your row with your stylish hat firmly in place atop your head while you survey the earth from 30,000 feet.

Maybe your next move is to a foreign land that brings you out of your comfort zone. Maybe you’re headed somewhere alone, without a map, and nothing but your sense of wanderlust and wonder to guide you. If your destination really is no destination, then a travel hat—maybe it’s a collapsible hat, maybe a straw sunhat—can make you feel just a little more at home along the way.

The world has always been your oyster, but now you’d like to do something uncharted. Something different. Travel hats can inspire your next decision, and the way your brim’s shadow falls upon the cobbled street can inform the next direction you’ll turn. Right, left, or straight ahead, you’ll be in close contact with a travel hat that makes being a little bit daring a little bit more palatable. You’re in for the time of your life, and your travel hat is only going to make it that much better.

Whether your destination is somewhere warm and sunny or cooler and full of snowy beauty, you’d make the trip that much more memorable if you pack your favorite snapback or fedora hat, your prized European hat style or American-made item. Travel is about new experiences, new undiscovered adventures that will open your mind and set your spirit free. Wardrobe choices abroad can make a lot of difference, especially when you’re among cultures that don’t think workout gear is an everyday fashion option. Fitting in just enough can be the way to truly enjoy those soul-filling experiences travel offers, and a travel hat is just the way to do it.

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