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Nautical Hats

Nautical Hats

Why Nautical Hats

Whether you’re rocking a sailor hat, a captain’s hat or a fisherman’s cap, you’ve got the nautical theme on lock. These special type of sunhats, made to make even the most novice sailor look like a grizzled veteran of the seas, will add a bit of gruffness to you wardrobe you probably didn’t know you needed. These styles of hat will take whatever you’re wearing to the next level and make you feel like a captain along the way.

Originally made for fishermen and boaters who must withstand the harsh conditions of months at sea, many nautical hats offer a combination of style and utilitarian beauty. Take the brims protruding from most nautical caps, subtle but important artifacts for keeping sun and rain alike at bay. Today, you can purchase a nautical hat in any variety of material, from cloth to canvas to a good, strong wool for warmth in the winter. Nautical hats are versatile like they were intended to be when they were made exclusively for fishermen who plied their trade off rocky shores and among vicious storms.

The good news is that you don’t need to be an actual sea captain to sport a sea captain hat. The nautical style will pair well with stripes or any neutral solid, even the right fisherman’s cap can add a little color to a denim outfit. Your choices are endless and your style tireless with the right cap. Mostly soft crowns and tough but not inflexible brims give you a sort of cavalier nature, like you are comfortable with wherever it is you’re going.

Imagine a day at the lake or a day on the beach. Maybe even a stroll amid giant redwood trees or in between cacti and rock formations, monuments to our natural environment. When you’re outside and you’re following your heart (or a map), you can be sure that the right nautical hat will guide you in the right direction. North may not be the way you’re headed, but with a nautical cap on your head, true north is always just a cap tip away.

Next time you head to the hat store in search of something to add to your wardrobe, take a peek at the nautical hat aisle. It’s sure to be full of hidden treasure, whether it appears in the form of something small and sleek or a bit broader and friendlier for fashionistas. The nautical cap is your key to a fabulous adventure, whether at sea or with firm ground under your feet.

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