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Mens Cattleman Crease Cowboy Hats

Mens Cattleman Crease Cowboy Hats

Why Mens Cattleman Crease Cowboy Hats

We all know what a cowboy hat looks like...tall, rounded crown, wide brim that curls up. However, there are several different types of shapes that only distinguished western hat wearers notice. These small differences make the world of difference and signify who you are as a cowboy. What differentiates one cowboy hat from another are two things: mainly the shape and crease in the crown, and the brim.

The cattleman crease is the most traditional cowboy hat shape. It originated long ago, when cowboys were in need of a taller and more narrow crown. When the weather got bad, if it started to rain or get windy, the cowboys wanted to easily pull their hats down by the crown to make them fit tighter and prevent them from blowing off their heads.

A cattleman crease is characterized by it’s sleekness. It’s defined by a deep crease in the middle of the crown, with two indentations on the sides of the crown. The cattleman crease is the most popular and most desired shape of western hat. However, we also offer the bull rider crown, which is characterized by a more shallow crease in the middle of the hat, with two indentations on the side.

At Tenth Street West, we offer two types of brims as well. These include a flange brim and a “u-shaped” brim. A flange is flat in the center but curls up on the sides, and a “u-shape” is just like it sounds. It’s curled in the middle and rolled up on the sides, like a “u.” Both our American Made and Mexican made cowboy hats offer the cattleman crease. Our Larry Mahan hats have the “u-shape” brim and Justin Hatshave the flange.

Since the cattleman crease is so sought after in the western market, the majority of our hats are made in this shape. However, with multiple different brims, different details, and different colors, including black, white, and various shades of brown, no hat is the same as the other. There is truly an option for every western hat wearer out there.

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