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Mens Black Cowboy Hats

Mens Black Cowboy Hats

Why Mens Black Cowboy Hats

Finding yourself drawn to the mysterious aura of the black cowboy hat? So are we, but first things first, we should learn a little bit of the history and symbolism behind the black western hat. A black cowboy hat is more than just a black cowboy hat, after all. Traditionally, in American Western films in the 1920s to 1940s, the villains would always wear black cowboy hats and the heroes would wear white. The black cowboy hat would symbolize evil and criminal, while the white would symbolize good, innocence, and a “real American.”

The contrast in colors originally started due to the first Western films being silent movies. The audience needed a visual element to distinguish the “good guy” versus the “bad guy.” Even as the film industry developed and movies started to have sound, this symbolism was still used. The contrast in the colors black and white remained a powerful visual sign of the contrast in good versus evil.

While the history behind the black cowboy hat is intriguing and fun to learn about, it’s traditional symbolism is not used today, unfortunately. Life would be easier if you could simply tell the good guys versus the not-so good guys, just by looking at their hat! Modern day cowboys simply choose whichever color they like best. And in that vein, a black cowboy hat is a good choice for a variety of reasons.

So, why choose a black cowboy hat? Maybe you're drawn to it’s dark symbolism, and if that’s the case, more power to you. Black hats are also great for a variety of practical reasons as well. Black absorbs and reflects the most light, making it the hottest color to wear (no pun intended) and will keep you warmer than any other color hat. Every black cowboy hat on Tenth Street will be either a wool felt hat or a fur felt hat. A black felt hat is a dynamic duo for the winter months. You won’t find a western hat that will keep you warmer.

Besides it’s practicality for winter, black cowboy hats are plain and easy to style as well. Black goes with everything, so your ‘fit will always be on fire. Plus, it’s dark color masks any dirt stains it may get, while accompanying you on your long work days at the ranch. Whatever your reason is, the black cowboy hat is a definite option for you. That’s why you’re here, after all. So take a look at our selection, let us know if you have any questions, and soon you'll be wearing it as your riding off into the sunset...

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