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Ivy Cap Hats

Ivy Cap Hats

Why Ivy Cap Hats

You want a unique style that maintains a classic feel. Something versatile that will never be overboard. That makes sense. You’re the type of person who isn’t quite reserved, but neither are you totally gregarious. You’re right in between, balanced. And that’s a good thing. Ivy hats fit that bill (no pun intended) precisely. Another flat cap style, ivy hats differ slightly from newsboy caps.

Though made from the same types of materials — wool, cotton, leather — the body of ivy hats often meets and is connected to a hard brim. This brim helps provide shelter from the sun or other elements and helps keep the structure of the hat streamlined and tapered toward the wearer’s face. Ivy caps also have the appearance of a singular piece of fabric and are less full than newsboy flat caps. Many are lined with something like silk or satin to help insulate the wearer during colder weather.

An ideal driving hat, ivy hats, often in plaid in texture and design, can be pulled low over the eyes to act as fashionable glare reducer and sun shield for the driver. While this modern purpose is a popular one, ivy caps, like their flat cap brethren, got their start in Europe centuries ago. The hats began as middle- and lower-class pieces of fashion but were soon adopted by the upper class for special occasions. Today, they are the choice of celebrity and Joe the Plumber alike, filling hat shops and dotting mannequins in department stores and boutiques.

Ebbing in and out of style during its journey, the ivy hat finally found its place in the United States during prohibition era, but took off among taxi drivers and eventually Ivy League college attendees, where this particular style acquired its name. They’ve evolved as the years have worn on, acting as an intermediary between uber-casual baseball hats and more formal fedora-style hats. It’s not quite right for a wedding, but it’s not exactly your sweat-it-out-on-a-hike accessory either.

That’s why we’re excited to offer ivy hats along with our array of other flat cap styles. There are plaid ivy hats, Stetson ivy hats, even leather ivy hats for the edgiest among us. Each style, each make ready for its moment in the spotlight as you keep your head down, your eyes forward and go about your business in style.

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