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Flat Cap Hats

Flat Cap Hats

Why Flat Cap Hats

Like a flat cap, you probably go by many names. A chameleon to your surroundings, the groups of people with whom you associate and your activities, you shift and change and meet any occasion gracefully, almost unnoticed. Flat cap hat, ivy cap, newsboy hat, Irish tweed cap, leather driving cap, the list goes on. You’re not so much malleable as you are adaptable, ready for change. In fact, like the hat you’re about to don, you embrace change, thrive off of it.

You see, the flat cap has been around for eons, changing and evolving along with the times, never quite going out of style. Its origins can be traced back to Northern England in the 15th century, where it was first a style of the working class and then of the aristocracy, before becoming fashionable among just about any male around the turn of the 20th century. The best flat caps, of course, could be worn with suits, to school or church, or with more casual attire. Tweed flat caps are likely the most popular type, and they can still be seen simultaneously among older generations and the younger scene.

Though flat cap hats dwindled slightly in popularity toward the end of the century, its re-adoption by athletes, actors, and avid socialites alike brought the knitted (or leather) headwear back into stardom. Today, they’re perfect for you everyday attire. An accessory perhaps to your Friday casual work outfit or your backyard barbecue t-shirt and jeans. It’s vintage without being outdated and fashionable without being overly chic.

Even some of the most well known hatmakers like Stetson make flat caps, plying their trade with some of the most oft-mimicked patterns and builds out there today. Even the flat cap golf hats you see in 80s comedies are caricatures of real life: the links is still the perfect place to pull your flat cap brim down low over your eyes as you read the break and line up your shot in the afternoon sun.

We hope you will find the flat cap you’re looking for among our endless aisles. We’re happy to offer newsboy caps and ivy hats alike in a variety of material and colors. While the original demarcation for flat caps lay along class lines, today the look transcends boundaries, bringing everyone together in appreciation of its simple, yet classically sophisticated look. Stop wondering why you haven’t purchased your ideal driving hat yet and start dreaming of the next time you get to pull your favorite flat cap out of your closet instead. You’ll thank us, and yourself, later.

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