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Felt Cowboy Hats

Felt Cowboy Hats

Why Felt Cowboy Hats

Perfect for cool days and even colder nights, felt cowboy hats are a go-to for many customers during the colder months. Traditionally, felt cowboy hats were worn for a variety of reasons, including weather protection, formal occasions,, or just as a fashion accessory. Straw hats are great for warm weather, as they are light-weight, but felt hats are a bit more versatile. Whether your cowboy hat is 2X or 100X, or spun with wool or fur, the unique details on these hats will turn your casual country ‘ft to goin’ out attire.

It’s important to note that felt is a process, not a material. Archaeological evidence shows that people discovered that material fibres matted together when warm and damp, years before they knew how to spin yarn. As decades went by, people started integrating properties of wool and fur to create softer, textured felt hats. To this day, we still use the same materials and processes to create felt hats. When you put your new Justin wool felt cowboy hat on, you tell a story, much like the history of felt western hats.

Originally, felt hats were designed for colder weather and straw for warm. As time went on and fashion evolved, an arbitrary rule was made that felt was worn from Labor Day to Memorial Day, while straw is worn in between. But, if you want the honest truth, we see these cowboy hats worn any time throughout the year. If it’s hot outside, sure, don’t wear a black western hat. But when the sun sets and the evening cools, plop your felt western hat on and set off into the sunset.

Though the hat racks are numerous and the aisles endless, your visit to our hat store won’t be complete without a trip to the felt cowboy hats. Felt hats are a nod to the vast, stretching history that binds all of us together. Try on a new felt hat today, and appreciate its sturdiness, the fine details in the stitching, the brassiness of the buckle, the flare of the flange, and the blend of textiles to create its superb quality. Though you’re someone born of this age, you’re carrying history along with you. Don’t be surprised if the fibres of your felt western hat turn heads each and every time you wear it.

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