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Why Callanan Hats

European sensibilities often find their way into the forefront of American fashion. If one were to walk Paris’ and Rome’s streets they would likely see into the future of American sartorial trends. John Callanan routinely invites his European fashion knowledge and experience into his creative process.

The result is a look that is still American but uniquely Callanan. His hat styles blend fashion and lifestyle with ancient European inspiration to churn out delectable fedoras, round crowns, safari hats and women’s visors (facesavers or sun visors).

No hatmaker better emphasizes a woman’s elegance that Callanan. His designs offer delicate detailing and uncompromised craftsmanship. Callanan’s background in theater costume design with outfits from the New York City Opera to Broadway casts, as well as hollywood productions has awakened in his women’s hat styles a radiance that the offerings in your average hat store do not possess.

As the fashion cycles rotate one thing remains constant: vintage fashion is always in style. Callanan’s pieces show an unmistakable eye for classic looks that do not feel out of place in the 21st century. It is no surprise, then, that Callanan and his designers always begin with the customer in mind. They feel their hats for women complement an understated, chic, and appropriately dressed femininity. Indeed, Callanan’s customers do not follow trends. They follow her.

Originally from Ireland, Callanan was able to study at the Fashion Institute of New York under the tutelage of Anne Albrizio, one of America’s most respected milliners. The amalgamation of a European upbringing and American practitioner’s guidance result in a unique line of products that are stylish yet affordable.

Callanan was founded in 1961, with an exclusive mandate of creating exquisite accessories for the most fashion-forward women. Each design is made carefully, with scrupulous attention to detail. Callanan draws his inspiration from his world traverses, where he encountered women of the most enviable fashion sense. Elegance and detail are the beginning and the end of each hat he creates. His hats accentuate, they do not overshadow.

John Callanan believes his legacy will be defined by stylish lifestyles coupled with elegant luxury. His selection of materials, the shapes and styles he creates, and the careful craftsmanship are all present in his designs. And while Callanan Hats is able to design for each subsequent generation as styles evolve and metamorphose, it is not unusual for a Callanan design to be handed down from generation to generation.

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