Top 5 Women's Hats for Fall

Shop the hottest fall looks - so that even when the weather is drab, you'll always look fab.


Admit it, ladies. When temperatures drop and the cold weather sets in, that's when your style quotient heats up with loads of layering and carefully curated accessories. Just like a cozy scarf, cashmere sweater, and statement coat are cold weather wardrobe essentials, a fabulous fall hat is a must.

1) Mystery

Let's start with the Mystery, voted our #1 overall hat for fall. This stylish safari is made from wool felt and equipped with a raw-edge 2 1/2" brim, faux leather band, and inner drawstring sweatband. With a drawstring that allows for hassle-free adjustments to any sized head, this hat is the perfect fall go-to.

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2) Arizona

You can't go wrong with a wide-brim felt, in a classic hue, that can be worn all year long. That's why the Arizona, our #1 wide brim felt, is next up on our list.  Wide brim hats offer some serious sartorial swagger that demands attention whether dressed up or down. Made from distressed wool felt, the Arizona puts a vintage spin on a classic look...and we're totally here for it.

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3) Palermo

Crushable hats are ideal for travel, as you can fold, roll, and pack them into your carry-on suitcase or handbag. This is why the Palermo is our #1 fall hat for travel. Besides it's practical packability, this hat is perfect for a festival, a night out, you name it...And it's inner drawstring sweatband is just want you need to ensure that wherever you wonder, your hat will always follow.

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4) Marin

When you head into your weekend looking for a little something extra to elevate your style, you need a piece that’s snappy, maybe even a little flashy, but that isn’t the center of attention. That's you. As our #1 women's hipster hat, the Marin is just that. Made from crushable wool felt, and equipped with an inner drawstring sweatband and feather detail, this hat makes just enough of a statement to let you shine.

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5) Pan

Last, but certainly not least, we have the Pan, voted our #1 street hat. Sometimes you need to find a happy medium between a casual baseball cap and a flashy flat brim. That's why hats like this exist. Equipped with a faux suede band and tassel detail, an inner drawstring sweatband, and 3" brim, this stylish boater is the hat you never knew you needed.

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