5 Best Selling Outdoor Hats of 2020

Our best-selling collection that everyone is obsessed with — and here's why


When the wanderlust sets in and it's time to take off for a new adventure, there's nothing like finding the perfect outdoor hat to top off the occasion.

1) Boondocks by Dorfman Pacific

Man wearing a Boondocks chocolate colored hat near some brush
Gerald M.

A happy customer!

Exactly as I expected. A great hat I can wear daily and not be worried about. It looks like I've had it for years. And the shapable brim will give it my personal touch.

Let's start off with the Boondocks, the #1 hiking hat sold online. Made with lightweight cotton and a UPF50+ sun protection rating, this hat is the perfect companion for your summer adventures. Not only will you stay protected from the sun's harmful rays, but it's shapeable brim allows you to customize your look!

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2) Dakota by Scala

Man wearing a tan colored hat in the woods
David R.

Great Shape and lots of compliments.

I live in Massachusetts where people wear trucker hats if any at all. I lived for many hears in Louisiana where I frequently wore one. The Scala Outback Dakota is a well made, well fitting, and warm hat, warm enough for New England winters. I own 3. Putty, Chocolate, and Black and I am always complimented every where I go in it. I also own a Dorfman Pacific Cotton Safari Traveler in Loden which is great for summer. I highly recommend Dorfman Pacific hats.

Crushable hats are ideal for travel. You don't have to worry about ruining their shape, whether you throw them in a carry-on suitcase handbag, or backpack. For this reason, Scala's Dakota is voted #1 for outdoor travel. Besides it's packability, the Dakota is also made of water-repellent wool felt, lending you a helping hand in any unprecedented rain storms coming your way.

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3) London by Stetson

Man wearing brownish hat and red and black checkered shirt fishing on a river

In need of an adventure companion? Well, we've got one for you. This Stetson fedora ranks #1 in versatility. Made of cotton, this hat is lightweight enough to wear all day long, whether you're hiking, fishing, or camping. Plus, it’s distressed look earns you major styles points, which is always a bonus when it comes to outdoor style.

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4) Traveler by Dorfman Pacific

Man wearing a cream colored hat with straps near a tree
David R.

Great shape and Nicely Ventilated

I have owned many Dorfman Pacific hats and they have all been extremely well made and durable. I bought this for the summer of 2020. It is May 24 here in New England and the temperature has only hit 70 Fahrenheit 4 times and one of those was in January, climate change indeed. I love the color of it. I chose Loden which has a more greenish tint than my computer shows but it is as I expected. I have only worn it a few times and it feels great.

The Traveler by Dorfman Pacific is our #1 sun protection hat, and here's why. Not only is this hat built with a UPF50+ sun protection rating, but it is equipped with a 3" wide brim, ideal for keeping you shady throughout the day!

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5) Hiker by Dorfman Pacific

Man wearing a black hat with orange band in the forest
Chris K.

Dig my new "lid"

I was pleasantly surprised to see that it was waterproof and UV sunlight protection..... very well made. As noted by some others, it WAS big..... but I've tried on XL hat before that were too snug for my fat head. :)... so I used supplied foam inserts and some 100% cotton bias tape to fit just right. I'll probably buy a "back-up" in future, since so few hats have made the cut. Nice!

Finally, we have the Hiker by Dorfman Pacific, voted #1 in overall outdoor experience. Made with water-repellent cotton and equipped with a UPF50+ sun protection rating, this hat fits the bill all year long.

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