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Why Brooklyn Hats

There might not be a place today as known for its trendsetting as Williamsburg. Though New York (Manhattan in particular) is already considered the most fashion-forward city in the country, Williamsburg has shown time and again that it manages to pinpoint the latest wave sartorial know-how even before its bigger brother.

It’s no surprise then that the Brooklyn Hat Company (or simply Brooklyn Hats), founded in a small Williamsburg studio, maintains a trendy edge, whether the hat style is a fedora, boater, round crown, safari hat, or baseball cap. Like New York, hats offer both a timeless reminder of an era where headwear was the norm while also offering a shimmering glimpse of style’s cutting edge. The Brooklyn Hat Company seems to draw inspiration from its surroundings. They have developed beautifully made hats that are a nod to a throwback era but simultaneously an indication of what is yet to come.

Such is the mission of the Brooklyn Hats. Since the company’s inception, they’ve striven to create hats in tribute to an era where style and class were at the forefront of every fashion decision. From fedora to snapback, Brooklyn Hats offers quality in the form of panache, of elan. Their craftsmanship is evident in their work, and their pieces bring a moment of bygone suavity to each and every wearer. These modern-day milliners began their quest for elegance with an initial launch of just ball caps touting the country’s two largest states across the front. The company’s quick success led them to create a more expansive selection of over 50 variations that today includes fedoras, safari hats and a number of western hat styles.

The craftsmen at Brooklyn Hats draw upon New York’s metropolitan attitude and look to other vibrant locations around the world for inspiration. Hats made in Brooklyn Hats’ factory bear inclinations from places rife with character like Austin, Nashville and Tokyo — places, the founders have decided, where hats are quickly finding their way back to popularity. It is in these exciting population centers where the milliners have seen consumers’ stylistic choices, such as feathers or quills adorning hats that add a touch of new-age flair while offering a reminder of days when those accentuations were an everyday occurrence.

It is clear the Brooklyn Hats team prioritizes attention to detail. Their hats are known for heavily scrutinized designs but also minutiae, such as labels, linings and tags. Indeed, their pieces’ sizing ties offer wearers a near-custom fit. Of course, it would not be a Brooklyn Hat without the elegant textures that they have become known for. The design team is known for turning out luxuriously patterned hats with multi-tone looks or slight add-ons like ribbons or bows. For Brooklyn Hats, it all starts in New York, but they’ve made the world their oyster.

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